How can we be inclusive in our school and society? 

One way which we can have positive relationships between people of all backgrounds is by celebrating each other’s beliefs and cultural differences. 

In Scotland, Christmas celebrations normally last for the whole month of December and sometimes last even longer. No one would deny that celebration of Christian culture and religion has a strong place in Scotland and can be enjoyed by all. But what about other religious festivals in Scotland?  Do the celebrations in your school for Eid, Hannukah or Chinese New Year feature in the same way?  

By making sure we listen to each other and celebrate the richness of the differences in our society means that we all feel welcome and included. 

This can help challenge racism because we understand each other better and take the opportunities to celebrate with each other when we can. We know this works in our society too – societies which are respectful of individuals, and the rights we have to freedom of expression and belief, tend to experience less racism overall. 

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