We’re excited to introduce you to Treehouse! Where your school can access Tree of Knowledge inspiration & wellbeing support EVERY DAY!

As part of our mission to Inspire the World, our team of former teachers, psychologists and comedians have created Treehouse… a ground-breaking online platform providing year-round support for health & wellbeing in schools and colleges with 120 pre-prepared age appropriate lessons, and loads for staff to enjoy too. In our signature style, it’s entertaining, engaging and enlightening!

Most schools use Treehouse as a teacher-led class-based mental wellbeing toolkit, with lessons lasting 30-40 minutes, however it can also support targeted groups, be a great resource for guidance, and even support staff and parents too. 

Get in touch below and we will be happy to arrange your own virtual Treehouse Tour and show you around. 

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2 Years - £349 / Year
3 Years - £299 / Year


1 Year - £499
2 Years - £449 / Year
3 Years - £399 / Year

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All prices include full set-up, year round technical support, and an annual Treehouse Tour for new staff.


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Your school can access SHANARRI-linked lessons EVERY DAY!

We are excited to share with you that we have now linked all lessons to the SHANARRI Wellbeing Indicators. Our goal is to not only improve the learning experience for students but also for the grown-ups.

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About Treehouse

Who is Treehouse for?

Treehouse is for pupils and staff of primary schools, secondary schools, further education institutes and nurseries.

Treehouse has been designed to support schools to deliver a wide range of the Curriculum for Excellence: Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes. This is currently only mapped against the curriculum in Scotland, however we plan to develop this for other areas soon. Please contact us if you are not based in Scotland and this is important to you.

Treehouse will help teachers by providing 30-40 minute pre-prepared lessons on subjects around health & wellbeing. They are simple to deliver, and provide a fun and open environment to tackle to difficult subjects. There are also specific modules on Treehouse, designed to support the mental health & wellbeing of teachers.

Treehouse covers a range of topics, but focuses mainly on developing resilience, mental health & wellbeing, self-confidence, kindness & empathy, inspiration, motivation, creativity and nurture. It’s a lot of fun, and we hope that it will help your pupils and staff rediscover that “wee bit of magic”.

How it works

Treehouse is an online education platform which is built using a wordpress learning management system called Learn Dash. This system is used and trusted by companies, universities and training organisations all over the world. Once you sign up to Treehouse, there is a simple process to create log-ins for all of your staff and pupils. Your whole school will then have access to 100+ educational modules specifically designed to support the mental health, wellbeing and soft skills development of your pupils and staff. Better still, with new modules
being added throughout the year, skills will just keep on developing. Modules will include a combination of video, reading and writing tasks. These can be used within lessons, set as homework, or form part of a blended learning approach.

Yes. This has been designed with ultimate flexibility in mind. It can be beamed onto
whiteboards or projected onto screens, as well as used on laptops or PCs. It can also be used for independent learning or in groups to stimulate discussion.

With all of the uncertainty over the last few years, this platform has been designed with ultimate flexibility in mind. It can be used at home, by pupils, and in the classroom.

Yes. Though most schools are setting up one log-in for the whole school, it is possible to set up individual log-ins for your pupils so you can track how each of them are getting on. If required we will sort this out at set-up.

Getting started

Once you’re signed up, we’ll walk you through every step of the way. From setting up your account, to adding and onboarding your staff. You’ll be offered a group demo for your staff, which will cover the key features including how to get around the platform, assign work and monitor progress. This will take no longer than 30 minutes. There will be a dedicated support line available, should any issues arise.

Treehouse costs £499+VAT for primary and £699+VAT for secondary, for the year for access for your entire school.

You can pay the annual fee online via credit or debit card, or you can provide us with a purchase order number and we’ll invoice you.

You can book one now by emailing [email protected] – we are now running demos (no longer than 30 minutes) for groups or individuals via Teams or other suitable video calling solution.

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