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Are you trying to create a conference that is magical, memorable and potentially life-changing that brings people together?!

Our industry is awesome. It’s full of the most extraordinary people pushing boundaries, producing evermore creative and inspiring ideas.

We’re sure your annual conference will be no different as nowadays people expect more, they expect bigger and they definitely want different.

Our entertaining speakers will deliver just that! Taking your audience on the most wonderful rollercoaster ride of laughter, emotion and learning while engaging, challenging and inspiring from beginning to end propelling them to a new place, position, or outlook.

Drawing from positive psychology and real life experiences our speakers will deliver empowering messages through comedic anecdotal stories that everyone can relate to. From warm-up sessions to mini workshops and keynote speeches to hosting our Entertaining, Enlightening and Educating approach provides you with that wee piece of magic that you are looking for.

We are proud of the fact that organisations all over the world use TOK services year after year and continue to offer first class feedback.

You may not remember everything our speakers say but you will remember exactly how they made you feel.

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