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Welcome to TOK Business. Having worked directly with over 1,000,000 people we’ve learned a thing or two about humans and their behaviours. Covering themes such as mindset, wellbeing, change, leadership, values, resilience and high performing teams and just down-right fun, we have something for everyone aged 3-103! Our clients range from the NHS to NIKE. Whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise, we have fun and unique learning experiences for everyone.

At Tree of Knowledge we have always been mindful and reactive to what’s happening in the world. Now more than ever, we recognise the impact of the current COVID situation on workplaces, people and our mental wellbeing. Everything we deliver has been tailored to ensure that the current context is at the heart of what we do and can be delivered in and engaging virtual environment.

Tree of Knowledge - Treehouse Course


We have created, designed and developed an exciting menu of inspirational and interactive workshops that will Entertain, Enlighten and Educate your people.

Tree of Knowledge - Treehouse Course

Keynotes / Hosting

Our unique speakers will take you on the most wonderful journey of laughter and learning while engaging, challenging and inspiring your people from beginning to end.

TOK Business Coaching


Adopting a strengths based positive approach to coaching provides an experience that generates positive changes in performance and professional development.

TOK Business Programmes


Our programmes are highly engaging, thought provoking, sustainable, practically applicable and unlike any other leadership or communication programme you have experienced!

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