It can be quite difficult to imagine what microaggressions look like, so here are some examples: 

Nationality – where a BPOC person is assumed not to have been born in Scotland “Where are you from?” You are not Scottish and cannot claim to be. You are a foreigner. 
Criminality:  BPOC people are assumed to be dangerous because of their skin colour  Group of black teenagers stopped and questioned by the police when walking down the road  
Racial bias: When white people claim not to be racist  “I’m not racist I have black friends.”  
Colour blindness: when white people refuse to acknowledge race  “I don’t see colour” “We should all treat each other the same”  
White standards of appearance: When BPOC people are told to adhere to white standards “Your hair is in the way” “Why don’t you just straighten it”  
  1. For the table above, work with your partner or group to decide what ‘message’ the microaggression sends.  

  1. From the ‘messages’ you have decided upon, can you summarise why microaggressions can lead to mental health problems for those who experience them? 

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