Andrew didn’t want to share his love of youth theatre with the class in case they laughed him. Although it was an activity that he enjoyed and something that he was good at, he felt that some of the pupils in the class might not understand what it was, and because of this they might make fun of him for going. They might think he should be going to a more popular club like football, swimming or gaming. 

Maybe you can relate to this, maybe there is an activity you like doing, a tv programme you enjoy or a singer you love, that you are too afraid to tell the class because they might think that it is silly.

Instead of sharing your passion with everyone in the class, it is sometimes easier just to stay quiet, or just say you enjoy the same things as everyone else. 

Is that right? Shouldn’t people be able to be honest and tell everyone about the things that they really enjoy and not worry about their reaction.   

As the UNCRC said, we are all living in a world that should develop OUR personalities and OUR abilities.

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