It’s a fairly normal human trait to downplay our own strengths but when it comes to marketing ourselves, we have to believe in our own brand. Especially when it comes to selling ourselves to potential employers in the future!

So it is time to ask yourself some difficult questions. Well, the questions themselves aren’t actually that difficult, but being confident enough to answer them honestly…well that’s another kettle of fish. (What a weird expression. Please don’t put fish in the kettle, that going to stink!) Any way back to difficult questions. We will be kind…and start with a slightly easier one…

  1. What do you really struggle with?
  2. What are you really good at?

Don’t be embarrassed to say what you are good at and don’t be embarrassed to say what you are not good at. This is just a factual list. Chanel your inner chainsaw! 

Try and balance your list out so that both lists have the same number of points in them. 

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