There’s nothing more tempting than a smart phone, a distraction device designed to lure you into idling away your time. This is okay until you twig that time is all you have. Glued to your screen, downloading your emails, watching cat videos, uploading a picture of your meal, checking your calendar, posting a Twitter update, checking your favourite websites – your life clock doesn’t stop ticking as you stare at your screen. Your life is not on pause. The cheeky 40 minutes it has taken to do all of the above – this IS your life.

The problem with the world wide web is entanglement in stimulation of the shallow kind. The bubble gum kind – scrolling, double-thumbing, updating, checking –  it keeps you occupied but there is little nutritional value.

Rather than being connected, we think we’re becoming more and more disconnected – from ourselves. The problem isn’t really technology. It’s emptiness and lack of focus.

Before we offer solutions I think we need to hold our hands up and admit that we’re guilty too.

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