Here’s our challenge to you, a digi detox. WE DARE YOU!

So here are our digital detox rules

·         Sign out of each app after you’ve used it. This will require you to sign back in every time you try to use them again. There’s not much chance you’ll remember the password, hence you can’t just mindlessly open them up and scroll through whenever you have a free second.

·         Delete all social media apps from your phone; check these only from a desktop computer.

·         Turn all banner-style/pop-up/sound notifications off.

·         Leave your phone in your pocket or keep it out of sight for meetings, get-togethers, conversations and meals.

·         At home, get a second fruit bowl and make it a ‘phone bowl’. Get your whole family involved. House rules: all visitors and residents deposit their phone in said bowl. If you want to check it, you have to go to the bowl, check, and replace your phone into the bowl. It’s your house, so your rules.

·         Keep your phone out of sight on the way to school. Watch the world go by instead. You’ll see lots of people on their phones. Smile at the irony.

·         Don’t take your phone with you into the bathroom or toilet. Read the air freshener instead.

·         Choose two hours a day to switch your phone off. And then stick to it.

·         Get an old Nokia. Phone calls, texting and Snake. What more do you need?

·         Get a new hobby. We suggest running. Or talking to people.

·         Instead of thinking about ‘spending less time on your phone,’ think about ‘spending more time on your life’.

·         Ban phones from the dinner table. Try talking to your family instead. Be sure to ask them about the highlight of their day.

 We challenge you to embrace all our tips! If, however, that’s a little too far, then pick 3!

Who knows, it might just change your life.

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