The teacher is going to read out this list. It gives you a number of different situations in school where you need someone to help you, because it is always easier to deal with things if we get some help. 

Beside each situation, see if you can put a name of someone who can assist you. 

Don’t forget, sometimes more than one person can help! 

It is break time, you are hungry, but you have forgotten your snack  
You are really stuck with your work in class  
In the playground you have fallen over and have a cut on your elbow  
In the lunch hall you cannot open something in your lunchbox  
Your friend isn’t in today and you have nobody to play with in the playground  
After going to the toilet, you can’t remember the way back to your classroom  

If you have time, you can even think up some other situations in school where you need help, and decide who can help you best. 

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