Toxic Masculinity 

Masculine traits are often identified as being strong, both physically and mentally and excelling at work, sports and providing for one’s family. Toxic masculinity is identified as typically masculine traits that become misogynistic and homophobic and are largely associated with societies expectations of male behaviour. For example, being physically strong can manifest itself in misogynistic or homophobic violence. Further, the expectation of men not to talk about feelings or call out such violent behaviour because this may make them appear weak, causes harm. For instance, men have increased levels of stress, depression and substance abuse, which, in turn, can fuel the behaviours associated with toxic masculinity.  

Other examples of when masculinity goes toxic include having to win at all costs, acting in a bullying manner to retain status, restraining emotions even in situations where it would be an expected human reaction and dominance over women or other men by acting micro-aggressively.  

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