With your shoulder partner look at the descriptions of the people below and decide, using the definitions on the previous page, if they are a MIGRANT, ASYLUM SEEKER or REFUGEE. 

Person A: 29 year old man from Spain who has come to Scotland to work at a school as a language teacher. 

Person B: 20 year old man who has just arrived on the South Coast of England fleeing from Nigeria because he is gay – in Nigeria he will be killed for being gay. 

Person C: 50 year old woman and man from Ireland coming to work in Scotland because the woman has taken a new job in Glasgow.  

Person D: Family from Syria who landed in the UK 6 months ago have been approved to stay because it is too dangerous for them to return to Syria where there is a war. 

Has looking at these examples helped you to understand the difference between MIGRANT, ASYLUM SEEKER and REFUGEE? 

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