1. Write down what you think is one of your worst habits. This bad habit doesn’t necessarily have to be phone/TV/gaming related. Perhaps yours is that you interrupt people before they are finished their sentence. Or maybe it’s that you wait until the last minute to study or do your homework. Have a little think and jot down one of your worst ones.

2. Now we want you to take a couple of minutes to list three things that you could do to try and break that habit. Remember, no one is perfect, but if we are honest with ourselves then we can take action to get better in the areas where we struggle. It just takes a little conscious effort. The average habit is made or broken by 21 days of continuous practice. So list three things could you do for 21 days to try and break the bad habit you wrote down earlier.

3. Now grab your phone, go to your settings and find that screen time section (if your phone has it). What’s your daily average? Take a quick note of it. (If you can’t find this setting then write down an honest approximation.)

4. Next, just have a think about roughly how many hours you spend in front of the TV. It could be gaming, browsing YouTube, or binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix. Take a note of that number next to your phone screen time.

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