Who Needs a Cape?

What our speakers say…

“This workshop is a lot of fun. Who doesn’t like talking about superheroes, right? All good superheroes need a combination of physical, logical and teamwork attributes but the best thing is that the pupils have a laugh discovering what their combination is.”


This course allows pupils to adorn a (metaphorical!) superhero cape to help them realise that they all have the skills and abilities to be the best version of themselves!  By putting pupils to the test on a range of key superhero skills, they can begin to build their own ‘superhero profile’. This helps them to see what sort of hero they naturally are, and helps them to identify any areas they need to work on.

With a focus on the importance of determination, effort, and respect, this course leaves pupils feeling empowered as they realise you don’t need a cape to be a superhero.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To identify unique personal skills, character strenghts and abilities
  • To increase self-awareness of their strenghts and areas for development
  • To learn about the importance of leadership and followership in academic and social situations
  • To understand the importance of determination in achieving personal and academic goals

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