Let it Go

What our speakers say…

“All members of staff get to meet their inner chimp during this course. It is hilarious finding out all the little things that wind them up, but even more amazing than that is finding out what individuals truly value.”


Our brains are busy places full of stuff. Some of it matters, some of it doesn’t. Some of it winds us up, some of it takes up all our mental space. This course helps delegates to push themselves out of their comfort zones, let go of the unimportant stuff and shows them how to regulate their emotions to help them focus on what is important.  Emotional intelligence is a fundamental skill for all employees in all businesses. It isn’t just about the individual; it is also about the team and the organisation.

If we aren’t contributing to the emotional, physical and psychological health and wellbeing of our team, we are unlikely to push beyond the boundaries we create for ourselves.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of self-awareness in their personal and professional lives
  • Reflect on their own values and the impact these have on all aspects of their working life
  • Identify ways of aligning their own meaning and purpose with that of the school
  • Understand the power of acceptance and letting things go
  • Reduce silo thinking and increased awareness of a team’s time, energy and effort


  • Increased self-awareness, self-regulation and emotional intelligence
  • Clarity of the school’s vision and values
  • Driven and passionate employees
  • Empowered to control the controllables
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Better morale among employees
  • A more positive and exciting work environment

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