Creating High Performing Teams


Task cohesion and social cohesion are crucial to the success of any team and yet most people have never heard of these. Creating High Performing Teams redefines the meaning of the word ‘TOGETHERNESS’ and leaves you with a greater understanding of your team’s legacy.

What our speakers say…

“Watching delegates define what makes a High Performing Team and then rate themselves based on their own criteria is eye-opening. Then through a range of seemingly random challenges they get to uncover how good they really are and recognise how awesome they have the potential to be.”

Workshop Synopsis…

Simply put, high performing teams just click. This doesn’t mean that they’re always the best of friends but they are all focused on achieving their collective goal. It’s a dynamic balance, an art that once achieved provides the rocket fuel for people to not just enjoy what they do, but to be world class at it.

In this inspirational workshop we draw from researchers who have studied some of the worlds most successful teams such as the New Zealand All Blacks, Pixar and even the SAS. We’ll also discuss the need for clear ambition, daily focus and high expectations where delegates will get the opportunity to apply this to their own organisation. Running throughout this workshop we also give delegates the opportunity to get the “social glue” flowing through engaging challenges, helping bind teams together.

Workshop Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the role that incredible ambition, clear focus and high expectations play in creating high performing teams
  • Understand why some teams continue to be the best at what they do
  • Understand the importance of being both focused on the job in hand whilst building the “social glue” of the team

Workshop Benefits:

  • Greater sense of control over the ambition, focus and expectations of the team
  • Greater motivation and morale within staff
  • Greater social cohesion within teams
  • More performance-driven teams
  • Happier people

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