Tree of Knowledge Launch Treehouse Wellbeing Reports

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How do you measure wellbeing in your school? We have a super simple and affordable solution.

Tree of Knowledge are excited to launch a new element to the ground-breaking Treehouse platform; Treehouse Wellbeing Reports.

Treehouse supports health & wellbeing in line with the curriculum. Now, with Treehouse Wellbeing Reports, it can measure wellbeing too. 

Available as part of your Treehouse subscription from January 2022, Treehouse Wellbeing Reports are a simple survey and report function that gives you instantaneous access to wellbeing data for your school population. 

Click here to watch a 1 minute demo video about the Treehouse Wellbeing Reports.

Key features: 

  • Full control and instantaneous access to reports and data
  • Colour-coded to make it easy to understand at a glance
  • Surveys and reports can be used as often as required
  • Simple to administer via survey link, and takes minutes to complete
  • Can be used with groups, individuals or the whole school population
  • Use to monitor & evaluate the effectiveness of wellbeing interventions
  • Uses validated Stirling Children’s Wellbeing Scale & Warwick Edinburgh Scale for Mental Wellbeing
  • Dive into individual data to deliver more personalised guidance support
  • Fully GDPR compliant

Click here to view a sample Treehouse Wellbeing Report.

Click here to view the Wellbeing Survey questions from the validated Warwick Edinburgh and Stirling scales. 

If you’re interested in getting yours set up before January 2022, contact [email protected]. In just 15 minutes our team can grant you access, and get you fully briefed, ready to start using Treehouse Wellbeing Reports!

We look forward to showing you around soon!

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