Enabling Effective Communication

What our speakers say…

“This programme enables delegates to reflect and build on the skills and knowledge they already have while adding additional approaches to their communication. Relationships are fundamental to effective communication and it’s amazing to watch delegates unpick their experiences through this lens allowing them to refocus their approaches for the future.”


We know that for many, having difficult conversations pushes them way out of their comfort zone.

We also know that theoretical approaches are important to structuring these conversations but that keeping a handle on our own emotions plays just as important a role. With this is mind we have created Enabling Effective Communication, an interactive and engaging programme designed to help you explore theoretical approaches and  apply them to real life while also building relationships and learning to regulate your own emotional responses when the going gets tough.

This programme will help you to critically reflect on your own experiences and skills, develop new tools and approaches that will allow you enable effective communication whatever the situation.

The Programme has 3 key elements:

  • Element 1: Workshops; FLOW, Communication Breakdown, Emotional Regulation and Mindset and Match

  • Element 2: Action Learning Set

  • Element 3: 1:1 Coaching Support

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