smallTOK for Schools launched following smash-hit success!

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SmallTOK for Schools are bite-sized LIVE sessions to inspire your pupils & staff to make 2021 full of confidence, resilience & motivation!

Following the smash hit success in the corporate world, we’re bringing our smallTOK format to schools.

In just 45 minutes, the motivation experts from Tree of Knowledge, will challenge your young people and staff to ditch the monotony of 2020, and to attack 2021 with creativity, inspiration and a wee piece of magic!

Perfect for Hub Schools looking for content to inspire pupils, there is no upper limit on attendees to the LIVE sessions within a school setting. As part of the package, we will also provide a pre-recorded version of the session that can be shared with pupils currently home learning. 

SmallTOK sessions are currently available at the “Recovery Price” of £199, and are also part of our Boost & Sustain Positivity Packages (available from £697 to £846 + VAT). Click here to view the packages.

We’ve designed four sessions suitable for Upper Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary and Staff, check them out below…

Upper Primary: The Hero’s Journey

This session delves into the fundamental story of the hero, getting the pupils to recognise the commonalities of the classic hero storylines that we all love before applying those ideas to their own situations. Whilst speculating about how best they can fulfil their very own hero storyline, pupils will be encouraged to think about their success in the longer term, zooming out from where they are just now and making goals for the future that set their souls on fire. 

Lower Secondary: Tiny Changes

In this session, students will explore a range of stories, both ancient and modern, and consider the common themes that link them all together, before understanding the life lessons baked into them that can be applied to their own lives. Pupils will then come to understand that every outcome that they experience, whether positive or negative, is massively influenced by their habits. And by simply making tiny changes over a long period of time, they can guarantee remarkable results! 

Upper Secondary: Getting Unstuck

In this session, students will recognise different factors that can lead to a person feeling stuck in a rut, both in and out of school. Delegates will be encouraged to take full ownership of their destiny, arming themselves with the knowledge and resilience required to not just become unstuck, but to fully flourish and reach their full potential. 

Same Storm, Different Boat (Suitable for Staff and Parents)

Though we are all in the same COVID storm, many of us are in vastly different boats. Some of us are cruising our way through calm waters, while others are on a wee dingy hanging on for dear life. Some of us feel like we are under a constant black cloud while the sun shines down on others. It’s normal in these weird times to feel a bit…weird. Same Storm, Different Boats draws upon emotional intelligence research to give delegates the time, space and language to articulate their experience, understand why they feel the way they do, but also allow them to recognise that everyone’s experiences are different and challenging in their own way.

This session can be delivered for both staff & parents, either together or as dedicated sessions.

To support schools to inject some energy and motivation in these challenging times, School SmallTOK sessions will be available at a “Recovery Price” of just £199, until Easter 2021. With limited availability, contact [email protected] to book your session now.

We look forward to hearing form you soon!

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