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We’re supporting every pupil in Scotland this Children’s Mental Health Week

Supporting every child in Scotland (3)

To support schools and young people during Children’s Mental Health Week 2023 (6-12 February), we’re offering every child in Scotland access to free mental health & wellbeing lessons on our online wellbeing platform Treehouse – in our typical Tree of Knowledge style

Mental health is serious subject, but we find engaging pupils with fun, laughter and inspiration, is a brilliant way to get them to talk about their own mental health.

 We’ve opened up 15 fun & engaging 30-40 minute mental health lessons on Treehouse; our online wellbeing platform…one for each year from nursery, right up to S6!

Every lesson is engaging, fun and thought-provoking, and best of all they require absolutely no preparation! Lessons are most commonly delivered by classroom teachers on a screen, but they can also be undertaken independently.

On this page you will find a short description of the lessons available FREE for the week of 6th February – 12th February 2023, sorted by class (plus a sneaky lesson for the staff too!)

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If you’re already a member of Treehouse, you will have access to all of these plus 120+ more health & wellbeing lessons ready for you to use!

We would love to see photos of your pupils enjoying the lessons, to share the inspiration with others, so please tweet us at @tree_of using the hashtag #Treehouse.


Nursery: Mirror Mirror

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Take a long hard look in the magic mirror and see what strengths reflect back at you.

P1: People Who Help

Sometimes pupils need someone in school to help them out, someone to talk to. But if you are new to a school, it can sometimes be tricky to work out who they are.

P2: Mr Grumpy

Andrew is feeling grumpy this morning, I wonder if you can work out why, and think of ways to make him feel better.

P3: Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

It is not always easy to see the value in teamwork – why bother when you can do it all by yourself? But sometimes teamwork really does make the dream work!

P4: Change the Recipe

We are all a special mix of skills and abilities that make us unique. However, some times we maybe need to change the recipe to get the best out of ourselves in new situations

P5: Who Am I?

Looking at Article 29 of the UNCRC, this module discusses the importance of being you and feeling comfortable sharing you passions and personality with others.

P6: Channelling your Inner Goose

Can we really learn important lessons from Geese? Well, if togetherness, kindness and caring are important, then yes!

P7: Thiiis Much Excited!!

Sometimes we just need to stop, appreciate all the awesome things we have around us and realise that many aspects of life are incredible.

To access the lessons, simply follow this link and subscribe to our mailing list. We’ll then send you the link to access all of these lessons, ready to go!


S1: Gratitude

In a world where we can often focus on what we want or what we don’t have, it’s important to appreciate who and what we do have in our lives.

S2: The Sun Lounger Principle

Sometimes in life we can end up pouring all our energy into the wrong things. It’s time to consider what would happen if we were to shift our thinking and focus our energy on the things that really matter!

S3: The Shopping Trolley Theory

Doing the right thing in life might not always be fun or make you friends but it most definitely gives us a peace of mind knowing that we have made the right decision.

S4: Channel Your Inner Chainsaw

It is time to channel your inner chainsaw. Yes your read that right. Get comfortable recognising your strengths and singing your own praises.

S5: Tips to Kick Anxiety’s Ass

Doesn’t matter what age you are, worry is real and sometimes anxiety gets the better of us.

S6: Screenagers – FOMO vs JOMO

We’ve all heard of FOMO. You might even have felt it. Now it’s time to shift our thinking and enjoy JOMO.

To access the lessons, simply follow this link and subscribe to our mailing list. We’ll then send you the link to access all of these lessons, ready to go!


Staff: Silly Stress

Life in school can be touch, and we get stressed from time to time. But sometimes our stressful moments aren’t as serious as we think. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring our Treehouse. These are just a handful of over 120 lessons available covering themes across mental health & wellbeing in line with the curriculum, as well a key societal issues including race, gender, sexuality and equality.

You can access all Treehouse modules plus in-built wellbeing surveys for FREE for 100 days by signing up to our Treehouse Trial. We know you’ll love it!

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