Succeed@College Workshop


This workshop will help to inspire, motivate and empower students by challenging their mindsets.

By exploring Csikszentmihalyi’s FLOW and Steve Peters’ Chimp Paradox theories we will help students develop a greater understanding of the boundaries and barriers we put in place for ourselves – apathy, boredom, stress and our ‘inner chimp’.

In doing so we can promote a shift in mindset and provide them with strategies to help regulate their emotions and control their ‘inner chimp’ in order to make better decisions.  Thus, enabling them to remove some of these barriers, embrace challenges and learn to flourish under pressure. 

Students will leave feeling empowered and motivated to translate their good intentions into positive action when it comes to studying for their upcoming exams, and beyond.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how personal motivations affect achievement
  • Know how to identify various types of stress and cope with potentially stressful situations
  • Become aware of stress, apathy and boredom as barriers to learning and know how to overcome them
  • Understand the concept of the human brain and chimp brain and how they can influence our behaviours
  • Learn how to control our inner chimp, leading to better decision making
  • Recognise the importance of making the leap from having positive intentions to taking action


  • Increases individuals’ capacity to cope with the stress of preparing for exams
  • Demonstrates a practical way of controlling emotions and improving decision making
  • Provides tools for tackling boredom, apathy and stress
  • Inspires making the leap from intention to action

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