This workshop provides students with an opportunity to step back from their everyday experience at a crucial time in the academic year and look at the bigger picture. They will consider their own ‘WHY’, attitude and mindset and reflect on some of the characteristics that Martin Seligman (founding father of positive psychology) suggests that we all need in order to flourish.

Through taking part in a range of fun and challenging activities, students will learn about the significance of effort in determining success and the benefits of a growth mindset.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Become more resilient when faced with challenges
  • Know how to apply more effort to achieve success
  • Explore the purpose that gives meaning to their goals and ‘WHY’ they are here
  • Understand how treating a challenge as an opportunity increases motivation and attainment
  • Understand the characteristics of a fixed and growth mindset


  • Creates an understanding of the bigger picture
  • Inspires and motivates individuals to continue on their chosen path
  • Renewed zest for life and learning and increased optimism
  • Increased resilience in the face of challenge

Students will have the opportunity to rediscover their purpose, renew their zest for life and learning and raise their level of resilience.

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