What our speakers say…

“The last few years have brought us all sorts of challenges, and even now people are in very different places emotionally. Many are still bouncing back while for others resilience is at an all-time low as we contemplate what work/life balance will look like in the future.”


Though we all live on the same planet and many of us experience the same kind of storms, many of us are in vastly different boats. Some of us are cruising our way through calm waters, while others are on a wee dingy hanging on for dear life. Some of us feel like we are under a constant black cloud while the sun shines down on others. It’s normal in these weird times to feel a bit…weird. Emotions may be running wild, anxieties may be higher than usual, or you may be styling it out your own way. Same Storm, Different Boats draws upon emotional intelligence research to give delegates the time, space and language to articulate their experiences so far, understand why they feel the way they do, but also allow them to recognise that everyone’s experiences are different and challenging in their own way.


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