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“From within my own friendship group it has been apparent that there have been vastly different experiences of COVID, lockdown, furlough, the horrors of home schooling and juggling life in ways we have never had to before. That is exactly why I created this smallTOK course, a short but insightful experience for anyone and everyone that’s weathering this storm we find ourselves caught in.”


Though we are all in the same COVID storm, many of us are in vastly different boats. Some of us are cruising our way through calm waters, while others are on a wee dingy hanging on for dear life. Some of us feel like we are under a constant black cloud while the sun shines down on others. It’s normal in these weird times to feel a bit…weird. Emotions may be running wild, anxieties may be higher than usual, or you may be styling it out your own way. Same Storm, Different Boats draws upon emotional intelligence research to give delegates the time, space and language to articulate their experience, understand why they feel the way they do, but also allow them to recognise that everyone’s experiences are different and challenging in their own way.


  • Understand the power of acceptance and letting things go
  • Learn strategies for managing our emotions in various situations
  • Break down some of the barriers that prevent us from pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones
  • Increased awareness and understanding of others and how they might be feeling
  • Get to know your Chimp and the work of Dr Steve Peters

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