Resilient Characters

What our speakers say…

“This is the course I needed when I was in school.  Most students are apprehensive about being their true self, especially at school.  Resilient Characters not only shows them that it’s ok to be your true self, but also how they can start working on specific characteristics to help them be the character they want to be… And aspire to be.”


This course provides pupils with an opportunity to tap into their own character and the characters of those around them to become the best versions of themselves.  This course delves into 6 of the characteristics that Martin Seligman (Founding father of positive psychology) suggests that we all need in order to flourish.  

The course includes a range of challenges that help pupils understand and explore the characteristics of Zest, Optimism, Grit, Self-Control, Emotional/Social Intelligence and Gratitude which contribute to building a Resilient Character.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognise admirable and beneficial characteristics
  • Understand the meaning of the six characteristics
  • Explore the application of the 6 characteristics through fun engaging activities
  • Recognise the true meaning of resilience and its benefits
  • Be able to apply desired characteristics into one’s own life

In a world that places continual pressure on our young people, resilience is an important part of growing and developing. Being able to handle rejection and failure in a competitive world is essential to maintaining positive mental health.  

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