Reach for the Power

What our speakers say…

“Every time I deliver this course it’s an emotional rollercoaster. There are emotional highs and lots of laughter during fun challenges and some real moments of reflection where the young people in front of us assess what they really care about and how they see the world and themselves in it as they prepare for their own futures.”


We all have power: the power to choose how we see the world and the path that we take in it.

Why is it then that sometimes we only see challenges rather than opportunities? And why is it we can choose to be bored or to follow a path that we do not enjoy?

These are questions tackled in ‘Reach for the Power’, a workshop that challenges pupils to think differently in order to see potential opportunities and, more importantly, have the guts to grasp them. It’s sometimes too easy to fall into the habit of copying influencers in our lives because it’s safe, charted territory. This course questions this habit, and leaves students aspiring to a career they love once they leave the safety of school.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how treating a challenge as an opportunity increases motivation and attainment
  • Understand how attitude and actions tell people more about you than your words
  • Understand how personal motivations affect achievement
  • Recognise the importance of making the leap from having positive intentions to making things happen



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