Planet of the Chimps

What our speakers say…

“It’s great to see how the pupils react when they are challenged in different ways and how much their emotions impact their performance. It is always really interesting to find out what really grind their gears, the things that cause their “chimp” to take control, and then watch them learn how simple awareness of their own chimps can lead to better control of their emotions and a better performance as a result. Plus, you get to meet everyone’s inner monkey!”


This course introduces students to the concept of emotional intelligence – a top predictive skill for success – through Dr Steve Peter’s ‘Chimp Paradox’. Students will explore the battle that takes place in our own brains between our ‘Human’ brain and ‘Chimp’ brain. It allows students to explore how they think and feel in different situations and how this can lead them to act, react and behave.

There are times when we are all guilty of responding in an emotional or irrational manner and, by the end of this course, students will not only understand why they react like they do sometimes but will also have a range of new skills to help them manage their inner chimp.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand various types of stress and how the different types can affect us both positively and negatively
  • Understand the concept of the human brain and chimp brain and how they influence our behaviours
  • Learn how to control our inner chimp

We continually make short term choices to the long term detriment of ourselves; by challenging this way of thinking, we enable the pupils to feel in control of their choices and make better decisions at key points in their lives!

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