Superhero, Side Kick or Alter Ego. YOU CHOOSE.


We all have many faces, the one the world sees, the one our loved ones see, and the one we keep to ourselves. Knowing which to wear, when to dig in, and when to support others is the real superpower.

What our speakers say…

“This is a really introspective workshop but there is a brilliant penny drop moment for people during it where they realise that they don’t need a cape to be a superhero, and that actually they are often at their most heroic when they are being an awesome sidekick to someone else. There is just something about exploring bravery that helps people realise the importance of vulnerability and facing their fears and using this to their advantage in different situations.”

Workshop Synopsis…

Resilience is about more than just bouncing back. It’s about being brave in the face of adversity, curious in the face of uncertainty, and coming back stronger when life has been testing your limits, so you can excel when it matters most.

Based on positive psychology research into emotional intelligence, character strengths, and being the best version of you, this course lets delegates explore their inner strength. It creates awesome, strong, resilient teams of people ready to face whatever life throws at them and truly flourish.

Workshop Learning Outcomes:

  • Reflect honestly on their own character and discover not only what they are good at; but what they are great at
  • Recognising their own needs and the needs of their colleagues to get the best out of any and every situation
  • Develop a greater understanding of the role character strengths, bravery and curiosity have in boosting resilience

Workshop Benefits:

  • Buffer against, manage and overcome challenges
  • Stronger, more resilient relationships
  • Enhanced health and overall wellbeing
  • Improved work performance
  • Greater levels of happiness
  • Acceptance of oneself
  • Boosted confidence

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