Mindset and Match

What our speakers say…

“This is the most powerful comfort zone crusher we deliver. It is always amazing to see even the shyest pupils come out of their shell, working with and competing against their peers. Some of them without even noticing that they’re doing it! Then the messages about mindset start to hit home and you can see pupil’s attitudes changing as they relate the course content to their own lives.”


This course provides pupils with an opportunity to consider how their attitude and mindset can have a fundamental effect on their own success. Through taking part in a range of fun, exciting, and sometimes challenging activities, pupils will learn about the importance of breaking out of their comfort zone, embracing fresh challenges, and the significance of effort in determining the extent of one’s achievements.

Not only will pupils leave with a clear definition of the different mindsets with which they can view the world, they will also have the knowledge to assess their own mindset in various situations and, ultimately, control it.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the benefits of breaking out of your comfort zone
  • To know and understand the characteristics of a fixed and growth mindset
  • To be more resilient when faced with challenges
  • To be prepared to apply more time, energy and effort to achieve success

By stretching themselves and engaging in actions and activities that may initially feel uncomfortable, pupils will be able to uncover and realise new talents, abilities and interests that they were previously unaware of.

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