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LEGO Serious Play

Have serious fun and make serious progress, with LEGO Serious Play!

Designed to develop strategic imagination using LEGO bricks, our Lego Serious Play sessions are a powerful tool for coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems, as well as fostering collaboration and having some fun!
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How does it work?

LSP is a unique approach to problem-solving and strategic planning that uses LEGO bricks as a tool for facilitating discussions and creative thinking. Developed by the LEGO Group in the 1990s, LSP has been used by organisations around the world to foster collaboration, innovation, and strategic thinking.

Based on the concept of embodied cognition, LSP allows participants to engage their whole bodies in the problem-solving process. In a study published in the journal Thinking Skills and Creativity, researchers found that participants who used LEGO bricks to solve problems showed higher levels of creative thinking and cognitive flexibility than those who used other materials or no materials at all.

Another key aspect of LSP is storytelling. By creating LEGO models, participants are encouraged to tell stories about their ideas and solutions, which can help to clarify and communicate their thoughts in a more engaging and memorable way.

But perhaps the most important benefit of LSP is its ability to develop strategic imagination; the ability to think creatively and critically about the future, and to generate innovative solutions to complex problems.

Sounds good? We think so!

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