LEGO Serious Play

Have serious fun and make serious progress, with LEGO Serious Play!

Picture this: a room filled with colourful bricks, where grown-ups become builders of brilliance and architects of awesomeness. Welcome to the world of LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP), where strategic decision-making and problem-solving reach new levels of fun and creativity.

In this extraordinary workshop, business goals and challenges become the building blocks of imagination. No boring boardrooms here! LSP takes you on a playful adventure where every brick matters and every participant is a superhero of ideas.

Imagine constructing a tower of innovation or assembling a bridge of collaboration, all with the power of LEGO®. It’s not just child’s play; it’s a hands-on, lean-forward technique that ignites the sparks of creativity and unleashes the magic of participation.

No one is left on the sidelines in this lively experience. Everyone dives in, hands flying, bricks clicking, and minds buzzing. It’s a whirlwind of ideas, where teamwork and imagination join forces, creating a whirlpool of inspiration.

But here’s the best part: the results are real and ready to rock the next day! The solutions crafted during the workshop are directly aligned with business goals, providing practical strategies that can be implemented immediately. It’s like finding the treasure map to success and putting it into action before the sun sets.

LEGO® Serious Play® not only builds models; it builds bridges between people, fostering collaboration and sparking new connections. It’s a dynamic tool that turns passive participants into active co-creators, ensuring 100% participation and 100% buy-in. Because when you build together, you build better.

So, if you’re ready to unlock the power of play, unleash your inner builder, and transform your business world into a playground of possibilities, dive into the world of LEGO® Serious Play®. It’s time to build a future filled with bricks of brilliance and dreams come true!

With LSP you can explore and solve management and business issues like: –

  • Defining a Shared Vision & Getting Commitment
  • Defining Business Strategy & Vision
  • Developing Teams & Employees
  • Implementing Cultural / Organisational Change
  • Performing Market Analysis, SWOT Analysis
  • Brainstorming Innovation & Ideation / Product Design
  • Aligning any topics to business goals in general

We are proud to tailor our offering to suit the needs of your business and/or teams we work with. Get in touch with our team at [email protected] to discuss your unique requirements.

How does it work?

The Questions

Depending on the complexity of the focussed business topics, Alice will state questions (these questions will be agreed with the client ahead of the workshop) on several levels of reflection and abstraction to solve the business issues.

Several techniques may be adopted here:-

  • Building individual models and stories
  • Building shared models and stories
  • Creating a landscape
  • Making connections
  • Extracting an action plan based on the lessons learned

The Build

For each build the delegates will follow the same process: –

Step 1: Delegates build their models either as individuals or small groups

Step 2: Delegates share their interpretation of their models to the room

Step 3: Delegates create common understanding

Lessons Learned

Alice challenges the group(s) to agree solutions and actions that can be immediately implemented the next day.

Sounds good? We think so!

If you’d like to discuss how this could work in your setting, get in touch at [email protected].

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