Ice Lollies Really Do Matter – smallTOK

What our speaker says…

“This session is such a joy to present as everyone is instantly transported back to being 5 again, a time we saw the joy and happiness in everyday things. There’s always lots of smiling during this!”


A real reminder that there is joy and happiness all around us. We just need to slow down, stop and look around. If there was ever a time we needed to lean in to a situation and pull from it all the good we can find, then it’s now. Gavin will challenge you to embrace the present, right here, right now and find within in it something that not only sets your soul on fire but those around you.

Covering themes such as purpose, passion, encouragement and togetherness, Gavin – in his own unique style – will encourage delegates to think about how they create moments of “Uplift” within both their personal and professional lives. We may find ourselves in one of the most bizarre and challenging moments in history but we’re lucky to be alive at a time where kindness, gratitude and even ice-lollies really do matter.

Delegates will…

  • Feel inspired and refreshed
  • Discover just why humans have so much to learn from geese
  • Rediscover the importance of not spreading themselves too thin
  • Learn the benefits of making time to do less and be more
  • Forevermore build at least one ice-lolly into their day…

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