What our speakers say…

“Delivering this workshop is awesome, it’s fun and interactive and students get the chance to start their college experience in an incredibly positive way. You also get to see them have a moment, there is a shift, where they suddenly realise that they are in control.”


The workshop provides an in-depth look at the brain and what makes it tick; why we get stressed and methods we can employ to combat this stress. By the end, students will leave feeling truly inspired by the work of Dr Susan Greenfield on the conscious and sub-conscious mind, making students realise their full potential and questioning how much they can achieve if they aim higher. Students will feel empowered to approach their studies with positivity and creativity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about the two sides of the brain and how their differences impact our learning
  • Learn how stress happens, how it can restrict us and how to de-stress
  • Understand how using the imagination can benefit us
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the power of the mind
  • Realise how our conscious thoughts can influence our subconscious actions and benefit us in the long run
  • Discover the benefits of positive thinking


  • Provides tools on how to stay relaxed, allowing students to do their best and most creative thinking
  • Creates an understanding of the bigger picture
  • Shows the importance of not over-stressing
  • Inspires and motivates individuals

Inspiring and encouraging students to adopt a positive and productive attitude, will help to increase their aspirations and empower them to set bigger goals, not just in College but for life.

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