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Emotional Rollercoaster – smallTOK

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“I feel like this is one of the courses that everyone needs right now. We have all been on our own emotional rollercoasters over the last wee while, and every time we think the end is in sight another twist or turn comes from nowhere. This smallTOK course gives people a little time and space to actively reflect on their experience and how they are really feeling and realise how far they have come already.”


Climb aboard, buckle up and hold on tight it’s emotional rollercoaster time! Join our smallTOK session to explore the twists and turns, the loop the loops and the sudden dips that make this COVID rollercoaster the ride that none of us paid for, no-one expected and that we can’t get off of. We know that COVID is impacting people and businesses in ways we had never factored into our resilience plans! So, we have drawn together some of our most relevant content to help you recognise, understand and manage the emotional impact of this epic shift in our professional and personal lives and help us lay the tracks for a gentler ride ahead.

Change is inevitable. Although people’s emotional reactions are predictable to some extent, individuals process change reactions at different rates. We will explore the classic change curve response in relation to their working and personal lives.

By looking at the conditions for leading change, delegates are left feeling empowered and inspired to tackle change head on, seeing it as an opportunity rather than a challenge.


  • Understand and predict our own natural reaction to change
  • Understand and predict other people’s natural reaction to change
  • Be more aware of why people do what they do in difficult times
  • Greater levels of self and social awareness

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