Communication Breakdown?


Communication breaks down when we don’t get the basics right. Have fun breaking down the fundamentals of communication so you can influence and lead behavioural change like an FBI Agent.

What our speakers say…

“Absolutely everything in business is underpinned by either great communication or poor communication. People need guidance to know where they are headed and how they’re expected to get there, without it they tend to just do it their own way. Understanding the basics of communication to help influence behaviour is important but understanding why we need to get the basics right is crucial.”

Workshop Synopsis…

Communication. We all know how important it is. When we are delivering good news we all embrace it, but what about the more difficult conversations? The tricky ones, the uncomfortable ones, the downright horrible ones? This interactive workshop has been designed to enhance your communication and behaviour influencing skills by starting with the basics.

Based on the FBI’s hostage negotiation tactics, delegates will be introduced to the importance of active listening, empathy and rapport building before looking at how these influence and change behaviour. By employing positive coaching approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry and Solution Focused Brief Coaching, delegates will be left feeling empowered with a range of tools to help them deal with even the most challenging of situations.

Workshop Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the difference between mentoring and coaching styles
  • Understand how simple listening techniques can help build sustainable relationships
  • Be aware of the language and techniques required to lead and influence people
  • Understand how they impact others and learn how to do so in the most effective and positive way
  • Be aware of how human belief systems cause people to adopt certain mindsets and behaviours in certain situations

Workshop Benefits:

  • Improved internal and external relationships
  • Greater rapport between individuals within the organisation
  • Staff will feel understood
  • Greater confidence in communicating
  • Delivering a higher level of communication to your staff and colleagues

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