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Why us?

I've been involved in trying to make a difference in education. You're probably the best that I've seen.

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Peter Jones, Dragons Den

Back in 2009, Gavin Oattes, Alan Burton and Dougie Clark took over Tree of Knowledge and started reshaping us into the company we are today. Determined to reinvigorate the industry, they wanted to build a business that would challenge the views of traditional motivational speaking and training, bringing about an entertaining, enlightening and educational revolution.

Promoting the importance of fun and working within a broad range of learning environments, we have helped over 1,000,000 young learners, students, teachers and employees to improve their attainment, productivity, and to get the most out of their lives.

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Why us?

At Tree of Knowledge we passionately believe in the tangible benefits that first class motivational speaking, team building and management workshops can bring. We believe that schools and businesses prosper when their people are happy, engaged and motivated. We believe that people are more likely to fulfil their dreams when feeling confident and empowered. Through humour, encouragement and inspiration we can improve the present and help shape a better future for all.

That's why our vision is to inspire the world.

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Why corporate?

It's no secret that a fun, motivated, collaborative and stress free workforce is good for the bottom line and that's why we work with businesses to help them get the best out of their people. From motivational workshops and team building exercises to leadership training and stress management courses, we provide a whole range of unique and dynamic services that help employees reach their full potential and have much more fun at work.

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Why education?

We want to make a difference to the world we live in and to do so, we believe we need to encourage, empower and motivate forthcoming generations. We deliver fun, continuous, sustainable learning that helps pupils and teachers share knowledge and work together. Whether it be team building games, enterprise courses, confidence building, or simple motivational speaking, we passionately want to help schools raise attainment and support young people to help them make the most out of their lives.

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Why employability?

In order to truly give every person the best possible chance of finding a sustainable career we create and deliver world class vocational education and training allowing individuals to develop a range of skills they will need in the world of work, meaning that learning is seamlessly aligned with employers and potential employee’s needs. Our unique programmes have inspired long term school refusers to re-engage with education, they’ve helped the unemployed gain employment and ultimately supported people destined for negative destinations move towards a positive one. TOK’s extensive knowledge of both the education and business sectors really help us to make a sustainable difference.

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Our values

  • Innovation

    To always... find new ways of doing something. To be fresh. The goal of innovation is positive change, to make someone or something better

  • Learning

    Explore new ideas and possibilities. Continuously challenge the way people think, based on cutting edge science and psychology.

  • Fun

    To always... use our time in a refreshing, enjoyable, relaxed and happy way. Fun ultimately contributes to our quality of life, health, wellness and happiness.

  • Excellence

    To always... be excelling. A continuous goal to which we will always strive for.

  • Passion

    To always... have a strong affinity for what we do. Getting stuck in and making things happen.

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