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You asked, so we delivered!…Treehouse is now mapped against the Meta-Skills Framework as well as the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences & Outcomes (Health & Wellbeing).

Read on to find out more about Meta-Skills, and how Treehouse supports development of these areas. Alternatively, crack on and click the link below to access the information that’s relevant to you….

What are Meta-Skills?

In recent years the Scottish Government has acknowledged the exponential rate of change in education and in the workplace, and that this has been driven by continuous change and
advances in technology. It is commonly understood that we are amid a fourth industrial revolution. Reflecting upon these changes, the government also understands that it must have a
population that is able to respond to this ever-changing landscape. Its population should have the necessary knowledge and skills to be productive and be effective in performance: in
education and whatever spheres of work should develop now and in the future.

The Meta-Skills framework seeks to establish essential skills for developing productive, inclusive and effective citizens: humans as the key drivers of change. Having human skills as the
focus for development acknowledges that in this time period of exponential continuous change, many previously valued human skills have become automated and, in some cases,
entirely replaced by technology. Rather than move towards automation entirely, the Scottish government seeks to harness and develop what it values as key human skills; especially
where in recent years there has been a notable decline in skills such as empathy and emotional intelligence.

These ‘Meta-Skills’ are defined by the Scottish government as timeless and integral for the human response to an unprecedented rate of change in both education and the
workplace. The meta-skills framework is split into 3 categories: Self-management (Focusing, Integrity, Adapting, Initiative), Social Intelligence (Communicating, Feeling,
Collaborating, Leading), and Innovation (Curiosity, Creativity, Sense-making, Critical Thinking). The full document contains full descriptions and explanations of the skills.

How does Treehouse support Meta-Skills development?

Here, specific skills particular to each module have been selected and linked to the module alongside a description of the skill(s). This will allow you to focus your attention on a module if you have a particular skill(s) you would like to develop; or allow you and your students to reflect on the meta-skills you have worked on.

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