Let’s be blunt, most people live well within their limits. There seems little point in being energized below your maximum and behaving below your optimum. It’s like wearing a 2 km watch in the bath or driving a Lamborghini at 27 mph. Or worse, it’s like being in possession of a whole load of superpowers that you fail to use. I mean, who would you rather be, Wonder Woman or Diana? Superman or Clark Kent?
We’re not saying everyone wants to be a superhero. Some of us are more than happy to be the sidekick. But we all have powers. You may not think that many of them are super. They can be heavily disguised: musical, sporting, academic, dance, art, bricklaying, history, numbers, writing, cooking, kindness, positivity, making people laugh, listening, public speaking, coding, acting, organising, science, teaching, leading, caring, fixing, inventing, figuring things out, technology, Imagineering … any of these abilities will enable you to have a happy life and make money. But only if you discover them and bring them to life.

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