When you think of someone healthy that you know…do you often think of them as happy as well? If you do, it is no surprise.  Plenty of scientific research supports that healthy and active people tend to be happier and more active than those who are not. And the reason?  Chemicals. 

Your brain and body can feel many different ways throughout the day. Exercise and physical activity can release the chemicals in your body that make you feel happier. It is as simple as that.  

More physical activity can also lead to more energy throughout the day and a better night’s sleep as well. Remember that your body repairs itself  when sleeping; similar to you recharging a phone or laptop at night after using it all day. 

A major part of staying active revolves around finding opportunities during your day to exercise. These don’t always have to be organized, 30 minute workouts involving weights or treadmills. When you’re at school or your place of employment, make healthy decisions to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Feel like doing some jumping jacks in the hallway in between classes? DO IT! The point is, physical activity could be added into our day at any moment. Find these moments, and capitalise on these moments!

So be sure to… have an active day! Sleep! And Repeat!  

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