Pride is a positive emotion! The more we recognise our accomplishments, the better we feel about ourselves. As studies have shown, the better we feel about ourselves leads to a deep rooted sense of self-esteem. A deep rooted sense of self-esteem is the door to opportunity and success. If there was a blueprint to building self-esteem, the first mark on the page would start with discovering one’s own accomplishments. First and foremost, we want to establish the fact that a proud moment or accomplishment does not need to be a massive achievement that could be seen from miles away. A proud moment could be completing your homework every night of the week or eating a healthy breakfast before school. All of these little victories add up to monstrous results. 

Life can take on a whole new meaning when we keep track of our accomplishments and allow ourselves to be proud of our accomplishments. Any professional athlete or professional coach loves to celebrate the numbers they accumulate in the “wins column.” Why can’t we start recognizing and celebrating our daily “win column”? 

Some of you might be asking yourself, “Isn’t this egotistical? Won’t I come off as arrogant or conceited by celebrating my victories?” This is a great point and a topic we need to consider when figuring out the most appropriate way to celebrate our proud moments. First off, it is crucial to always stay humble. Please realise that you’re going to make mistakes and you need to realise that imperfect moments lead to growth. Secondly, appreciate your support systems. Whenever we accomplish anything, so much of that has to do with the people we surround ourselves with.  Lastly, continue to look for areas of growth in your life and never stop learning. It’s important to remember that celebrating the proud moments doesn’t mean that you’re doing a touchdown dance after getting a great grade on your test, or standing up on a cafeteria table telling everyone that you helped an elderly pedestrian cross the street. Celebrating proud moments comes at the time of self-reflection. This reflection doesn’t require a celebration dance or an audience…. it requires you and you alone. 

Recognise the wins, celebrate the wins, and continue to push for more wins!

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