Everyday life is full of small situations that can be uncomfortable or slightly unpleasant. There is no way around that. However, the way we view challenges and slight discomforts can make a huge impact on our everyday life. Choosing positivity and looking for the best possible outcome in any situation is a great way to feel more in control and less stressed. 

It can be powerful to sit back and observe those around us. How do certain individuals handle uncomfortable situations? Do you agree with their reaction? Do you feel that you would react the same way? Would your reactions be extremely different? Ultimately, it comes down to how YOU want to respond to an uncomfortable situation. When you recognize those who voluntarily look through a positive lens, you will see a happier, healthier individual. 

When we approach a problem with a positive mental outlook, we tend to be better with the actual problem solving process.  Think about it! Having a clearer and calmer mind allows us to think more easily and to be open to more solutions. Having a positive outlook increases the chances of you becoming your clearer and calmer self. Plus, if we are around others, our positivity can rub off on them as well, making them feel more hopeful, helpful, and positive as well. Imagine wearing a pair of eye-glasses or sunglasses. Throughout the course of the day, the lenses begin to get foggy, dirty, and dusty. When we wipe and clean those lenses, our vision becomes clearer. We are able to see a cleaner picture of what is in front of us. The same thing comes with choosing a positive lens. You see clearer with a calmer peace of mind, feeling more confident in tackling whatever lies ahead. 

So the next time you are feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable with a situation, don’t ignore the fact that it is a situation you would rather not be a part of, but also attempt to look for the best positive outcome that can come of it. It might still not be the end result we would prefer, but it can still turn an unpleasant situation into a tolerable situation. In everything we do and experience, we learn a little bit more about life and ourselves.  That alone is a positive! 

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