Everything in this life comes with risk.  Leaving your house comes with risk of injury or even risk of altercations and disagreements with others.  Now these risks are slim and not likely, but they still exist.  Sometimes we let the tiniest of risks hold us back from living the life that would help us become a better version of ourselves. Every time we try something new, experience something unknown, or interact with someone different from ourselves, we grow, learn, and experience. If these experiences are not threatening or hazardous to our lives or others, they are considered Healthy Risks. 

Healthy Risks are really just opportunities to grow, feel alive, get naturally high, and learn more about yourself.  It could be joining a new club, recording your music and putting it online, or talking to the student you know behind you. All of these actions are safe and positive, but can still be a risk.  

What might be stopping us from taking a healthy risk? Why do we have fear of taking that first step? We risk rejection and/or failure whenever we stretch ourselves. Healthy risks are about being vulnerable and embracing and accepting the fact that something new will not go perfectly. Could it be true that “falling on your face” or “failing” while taking a healthy risk is just as powerful as succeeding? Most certainly! It is not about the outcome, it is about the personal and self reflective journey you take while stepping outside of your comfort zone.

With that being said, following-through leads to building up your confidence from navigating the unknown. In fact, we often find that we thrive once we survive the action of taking a simple, healthy risk. 

So our next question naturally is… are you taking healthy and positive risks to grow and learn?   

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