A lack of energy and sluggish moments makes us second guess our ability to be active in that moment. In all actuality, these are the moments we need to push ourselves to GET ACTIVE! Time to brainstorm! 

Let’s Try This Activity:

1- Think of the last time you were in a situation where you felt tired, sluggish, or unmotivated. Was it during a class? Was it while doing homework? Is it right now?

2- What is something simple you could have done to help remedy that lack of energy and enthusiasm? Think of something active to get the blood pumping instead of sitting around and complaining that you are tired. We like to flex our biceps to a high energy EDM song to get the blood pumping without drawing too much attention to ourselves in a meeting (besides our shirt sleeves tearing!). 

3- We want to challenge you to describe that recent tired moment and think of three clever and fun ways to be active to energize yourself. You will get double bonus points if you think of a way that safely involves other people in the action as well.  Why hold out on the fun? Sometimes with a little planning ahead and some focus on solving a problem, little changes can make a large difference. 

4. Now put your money where your mouth is and try out one of the active energisers yourself or with a friend right now. We dare you! 

5. Now that your blood is pumping and you might even be laughing, think about how you feel. Discuss the difference you felt before and after energizing yourself.  

Fantastic work! If you feel at all worried that your “little changes” or “small additions” won’t have an impact on your energy… you are wrong! Any activity is good activity and even a little activity is better than no activity! Congrats on getting active and being creative in the process. Tap those toes, do some leg lifts, nod your head to a great song, and shoulder shrug your way to a healthier, more active life!

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