Sometimes to recognize what we ARE, we have to recognize what we ARE NOT. There is so much power in removing aspects of our lives that don’t bring the best out of us. Why continuously surround ourselves with people or situations that don’t make us feel like the best version of ourselves? 

Let’s try this activity:

1. List 3 qualities that are NOT part of your personal brand. We want you to bring out your inner artist and draw a little picture next to each quality that you are not. Let that creative river flow and allow yourself to consider exactly what you are not. 

Here is an example:

2. Why are these qualities not a representation of you? Underneath the qualities you listed and drew, provide a brief description as to why this is NOT who you are! Be honest, be real, be truthful!

Here is an example:

3. Now write down and draw 3 qualities that other people would use to describe you. Ultimately, how are you recognized through the eyes of others? The power of self-reflection! Put yourself in someone else’s shoes!

Here’s an example:

4. Go back and forth with your lists. Do any of those qualities from one list contradict qualities on the other list? Are there aspects of your life that you would like to improve based on this reflection? 

5. Create an official action plan that focuses on improving any areas that you feel would positively benefit you. Creating structure, routines, and some simple actions towards positive change is essential to personal growth. For example, this plan could be a weekly calendar of healthy risks, a daily to-do list of pay-it-forward activities, etc.

6. Discuss with your classmates.

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