What is something that you really enjoy but think you could never do? Is it playing an instrument in front of a crowd? Running for the leading role in a club? Speaking up at your job that you want more responsibility and more money? 

Let’s try this activity: 

1- Think about that healthy risk that came to mind. Was it running a 5K? Asking for help in a class? Asking your parents to sign up for an acting class?  Write down that healthy risk that you’ve never taken but always thought about. 

2-Now challenge yourself to write down 5 potential positive outcomes that could happen if you actually did take that healthy risk and try it out. Would a crowd be cheering your name? Would you feel proud for accomplishing a goal? Would you make new friends in the process? Push yourself to think positive, even if that healthy risk does not go perfectly. Take a few minutes to do this.

3- Now write down the worst possible outcomes that you can think of when taking this healthy risk. We tend to magnify negative outcomes in our mind. The worst case scenario when taking a healthy risk can be embarrassment, uncomfortability, butterflies in the stomach, or a few laughs or comments from others not brave enough to take a risk themselves. That is nothing life-threatening at all. Write down what you’re most afraid of.

4- Now read over your positives and negatives to reflect and ask yourself, what is actually stopping me from moving forward with pursuing this risk? Is there anything life-threatening that is stopping me from this healthy risk?

5- Take a small piece of tape and write down a few of those positive outcomes from today’s thoughts with a pen or marker.  We dare you to stick that tape on your mirror, your wall, your door, your laptop, or the back of your phone! Stick it somewhere to remind yourself of what you might be missing out on!  

Wow! You have officially mapped out possible outcomes for taking this healthy risk; both negative and positive. Doesn’t that empower you? It’s as if you created a roadmap. One avenue could take you to one experience, while another avenue can take you to a surprising and unexpected opportunity. Regardless, any healthy risk can result in growth and an exciting new destination!

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