Discuss with your class the three advisor characters and ways they give advice. 

● Ask your class to come up with a list of ‘problems’ that people may have that they need advice with. This could be around any subject areas at all. 

● Set up three chairs at the front of the class. One chair is the GOOD chair, one is the BAD chair and one is the WHAT?! chair. Whoever sits on these chairs will be the person giving that type of advice. 

● Have three volunteer pupils come up and take on one of the roles by sitting on the chairs. 

● Choose a problem that the class came up with or ask pupils to raise their hands and ask a question directly to the advisors. 

● Once a problem is decided on, the advisors will give their advice from good to what?! The person who initially asked the question can then say what advice they will be going with – if any! 

● You can then have three different volunteer pupils on the chairs and repeat as you wish. 

● To involve everyone in your class, this can also be done in small groups of 4 or 5 – with three people being the advisors and one or two pupils posing their question to the panel.

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