Treehouse Education Module

This workshop focuses on psychological health and wellbeing to ensure that students have a positive and fun start to life at College.


Treehouse Education Module

We all have power: the power to choose how we see the world and the path that we take in it. Why is it then that sometimes we only see challenges rather than opportunities?


Treehouse Education Module

Created and designed to prime students to study effectively for their exams by helping them understand and remove the barriers that hold them back

Resilient Characters

Treehouse Education Module

Scotland S1, England Year 7/8

Resilience, Self-Awareness, Optimism, Self-Reflection, Zest, Gratitude

Planet of the Chimps

Treehouse Education Module

Scotland S2, England Year 9

Emotional Intelligence, Self-Control, Self-Regulation, Chimp Paradox

Mindset and Match

Treehouse Education Module

Scotland S3, England Year 10

Fixed vs Growth Mindset, Comfort Zones, Time, Energy, Effort

Reach for the Power

Treehouse Education Module

Scotland S5, England Year 12

Challenges, Opportunities, Body Language, Motivation, Empowerment, Positivity, Making Things Happen

Intriguing Futures

Treehouse Education Module

Scotland S6, England Year 13

Leadership, FLOW, Purpose, Followership, Team, Self-Management


Tree of Knowledge - Treehouse Course

This fast-paced, interactive course uses game changing concepts from Positive Psychology to help your staff increase both their productivity and their wellbeing. Delegates leave the session feeling energised and knowing what they need to do in order to feel and perform at their best.