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  • Gavin Oattes – Relaxation
  • Make the Mundane Magnificent
  • M&P’s Professional Etiquette
  • Anxiety (Part 4) Tips To Kick Anxiety’s Ass
  • Your Natural Style
  • Balloon Monday
  • Channeling Your Inner Goose
  • Moff the Cheery Chinchilla
  • Horrace Pierre the Guitar Playing Donkey
  • Harris Tweed the Cloud Dog
  • Face Playdough
  • Empathy Miming
  • Fun Fact Finder
  • That’s Something I Can Do!
  • And the Oscar goes to….
  • Sort yourselves out
  • Superhero for a day
  • A Little Bit Of Mindfulness
  • Enter The Chimp Brain
  • Positive Reframing
  • Feelings Freeze
  • To Do Or Not To Do?… That’s The Real Question
  • Follow the Leader
  • Flourishing (Part 1), Learned Optimism
  • Flourishing (Part 2), Beyond Happiness
  • Flourishing (Part 3), Finding Your Flow
  • Flourishing (Part 4), Discovering Your Purpose
  • A Spoonful Of Sugar
  • Silly Stress (Part 1)
  • Silly Stress (Part 2)
  • Real Stress
  • Freddy the Feelings Fairy
  • Gemima the Guinea Pig and the BIG wave
  • Could you help me please?
  • Emotion Swap
  • Respect Headlines
  • Authors to the Rescue
  • Colour Breathing
  • Super Skill
  • Flipping your Lid
  • Learning is a team game
  • Respect your opponent
  • Turning up for practice
  • Skills for Success
  • Anxiety (Part 1) Me, Myself and Anxiety
  • Anxiety (Part 2), Writing it Down and Getting it Out.
  • Anxiety (Part 3), Look Up!
  • Determination & Belief
  • Helping others with Anxiety
  • Integrity & Morality
  • Cha Cha the Chameleon
  • Bored Silly!
  • Wild Thing
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Your Comfort Zone
  • You and Challenges
  • You and others
  • You and you
  • Plasticine Dreams
  • Do you see what I see?
  • The Spell of Success
  • And Breathe….
  • Pirate Pete drops his Anchor
  • The Worry Jar
  • The Story of Your Life
  • How to be a Brilliant Radiator
  • Who Are You Being While You’re Doing What You’re Doing?
  • Thiiis Much Excited!!
  • Try and try again…
  • Turning on your headlights!
  • Who Tells Your Story?
  • Screenwashed!
  • Accepting Yourself
  • Making the most of Now
  • Laughter
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