Staff Workshops

Teachers and school staff are on the front line, putting out positive energy, every day. That’s pretty exhausting. Our workshops for staff offer an opportunity to stop and reflect, and leave staff feeling re-invigourated, inspired and excited about their work.

Covering themes including purpose, engagement, productivity and high-performance, our expert speakers aim to bring out the very best in your staff.

For ultimate flexibility, all workshops can be delivered LIVE in-person or LIVE online.

Not found excatly what you’re looking for? Grab a cuppa and let’s chat!

Your school’s unique, so we’ll be excited to work with you to create something bespoke to fit your needs.

 LEGO® Serious Play®

Picture this: a room filled with colourful bricks, where grown-ups become builders of brilliance and architects of awesomeness. Welcome to the world of LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP), where strategic decision-making and problem-solving reach new levels of fun and creativity.

Tree of Knowledge - Treehouse Course


This fast-paced, interactive course uses game changing concepts from Positive Psychology to help your staff increase both their productivity and their wellbeing. Delegates leave the session feeling energised and knowing what they need to do in order to feel and perform at their best.

Tree of Knowledge - Treehouse Course

Let it Go

Let it Go does what it says on the tin. It enables staff to understand themselves and the school in the most fundamental way. This allows them to free up the mental space required for positive transformation.

Tree of Knowledge - Treehouse Course

Engage for Excellence

Engagement is at the heart of wellbeing and high performance. Let us introduce you to the 5 factors that contribute to engagement so you, your team and your school can flourish.

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