Secondary Education Courses

Treehouse Education Module

Resilient Characters

Scotland S1, England Year 7/8

Resilience, Self-Awareness, Optimism, Self-Reflection, Zest, Gratitude

Treehouse Education Module

Planet of the Chimps

Scotland S2, England Year 9

Emotional Intelligence, Self-Control, Self-Regulation, Chimp Paradox

Treehouse Education Module

Mindset and Match

Scotland S3, England Year 10

Fixed vs Growth Mindset, Comfort Zones, Time, Energy, Effort

Treehouse Education Module

Reach for the Power

Scotland S5, England Year 12

Challenges, Opportunities, Body Language, Motivation, Empowerment, Positivity, Making Things Happen

Treehouse Education Module

Intriguing Futures

Scotland S6, England Year 13

Leadership, FLOW, Purpose, Followership, Team, Self-Management

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