Further Education Workshops

College is an exciting and daunting time for young people. Finding their freedom whilst navigating the stresses of exams and looking ahead to the future. Our expert speakers are here to support students to be the very best versions of themselves.

Covering themes including resilience, mindset and self-belief, our workshops are designed to leave young people with fire in their bellies and a huge boost to their confidence.

For ultimate flexibility, all workshops can be delivered LIVE in-person or LIVE virtually.

Not found excatly what you’re looking for? Grab a cuppa and let’s chat!

Your school’s unique, so we’ll be excited to work with you to create something bespoke to fit your needs.

Treehouse Education Module


This workshop focuses on psychological health and wellbeing to ensure that students have a positive and fun start to life at College.

Treehouse Education Module


We all have power: the power to choose how we see the world and the path that we take in it. Why is it then that sometimes we only see challenges rather than opportunities?

Treehouse Education Module


Created and designed to prime students to study effectively for their exams by helping them understand and remove the barriers that hold them back

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