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“VIBE is all about the impact we have as leaders, not only on our teams but also on ourselves. It encourages deep self reflection combined with positive psychology based theory that delegates can go and apply to their leadership. Leaders are often so caught up in the day job that time for reflection is scarce. VIBE ensures that the focus is 100% on what leaders are transmitting and how to really amplify their message.”



A person’s emotional state or the character of a place as communicated to and felt by others.


Transmit or give out (a feeling or atmosphere)

What do you transmit?


VIBE is an exclusive TOK Leadership Development Programme. This leadership development experience creates both instant and long lasting impact. We draw together cutting edge psychological research with practical examples creating a relaxed, experiential and unconventional learning environment to fearlessly challenge the mindsets that impact behaviour and culture. It is time to uncover what you transmit, amplify your message and embrace your leadership VIBE.

This programme will help you critically reflect and engage on your personal and professional development. Designed to support everyone from aspiring leaders to senior leaders to build their theoretical knowledge and understanding while simultaneously developing the key skills, behaviours and mindset required to be effective inspiring leaders.

The Programme has 3 key elements:

  • Element 1: Workshops; Aspirational Leader, Aspirational Team, Flourishing, Emotionally Intelligent? and Culture

  • Element 2: Action Learning Set

  • Element 3: 1:1 Coaching Support

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